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Our DEPSOC 360 Camouflage is a technology that we at HDI have been working very hard... 

DEPSOC 360 on a Predator Inc. H1 Hummer! DEPSOC 360 on a Predator Inc. H1 Hummer!

HDI is grateful to Predator Inc. for the chance to adapt our camouflage for one of... 

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Develop With HDI

Team up with HDI Team up with HDI

The X3 Anchor Stake is just one example of an innovative product developed with team... 

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X3 Anchor Stake

Advanced technology has finally come to the common ground stake.  The patent pending X3 Anchor Stake is amazingly strong.  It combines all the advantages of plastic with the strength of metal, the benefits of titanium without the cost. The X3 will not bend like other plastic stakes or rust like metal. The head will not mushroom, so pound it in place... [Read more of this review]


The Closet-T is a product that makes the life easier.  It solves a problem that many homeowner and contractors have faced for years. The Closet-T allows you to join closet poles easily. AKPC_IDS += "204,";Popularity: 2% [?] Read More →

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